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Monday 22 April 2013




on Consideration of Lords Message


Crime and Courts Bill [Lords]


On Consideration of Lords Amendments to Certain Commons Amendments


Lords Amendments 17A and 17B Agreed to.



Lords Amendment No. 131A


Secretary Theresa May                                                                                      

Agreed to


To move, That this House disagrees to Lords Amendment No. 131A proposed to Commons


Amendment No. 131 but proposes in lieu of Lords Amendment No. 131A amendment (a) to


Commons Amendment No. 131 and amendment (b) at the end of the Clause (Meaning of “relevant


publisher”) inserted by Commons Amendment No. 18:—


Lords Amendment 131A accordingly Disagreed to.



Agreed to  (a)


Line  29,  at end insert—




7A  (1)  

A person who, in carrying on a micro-business, publishes news-related


material where either condition A or condition B is met.



Condition A is that the news-related material is contained in a multi-author





Condition B is that the news-related material is published on an incidental


basis that is relevant to the main activities of the business.



“Micro-business” means a business which—



has fewer than 10 employees, and



has an annual turnover not exceeding £2,000,000.


Proceedings on Consideration of Lords Message: 22 April 2013



Crime and Courts Bill-[ Lords], continued



The number of employees is to be calculated as follows—



find the total number of hours per week for which all the employees of


the business are contracted to work;



divide that number by 37.5.



“Employee” has the same meaning as in the Employment Rights Act 1996 (see


section 230 of that Act).



“Multi-author blog” means a blog that contains contributions from different





Agreed to  (b)


Line  25,  at end insert—



But a person who is not a “relevant publisher” as a result of paragraph 7A of that


Schedule (micro-businesses) is nevertheless to be regarded as such if the person


was a member of an approved regulator at the material time.’.





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