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Thursday 9 May 2013


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953-59, 1103-06, 1109-11, 1177-78 and 1229-31 of the 2012-13 Session


Consideration of Bill


Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill


Hugh Bayley


Caroline Lucas


Mr Andrew Mitchell




Page  40,  line  18  [Schedule  5],  at end insert—


‘Reinstatement of marriages annulled to permit a person to obtain a gender recognition





Schedule 4 (Effect on Marriage) at beginning insert—



This section applies to a formerly married couple whose marriage


was annulled in order to permit one or both partners to that marriage


to obtain a full gender recognition certificate, provided that—



the couple have continued to live together in the same


household since the annulment of their marriage, and



both partners to the former marriage give notice to a


registrar that they wish their marriage to be reinstated.



When notice is given under (1)(b), the marriage shall be reinstated


with effect from the date the couple give notice to have it





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