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given on


Thursday 9 May 2013


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1233-36 of the 2012-13 Session


Consideration of Bill


Children and Families Bill, As Amended


Continuing support for former foster children


Paul Goggins


Mr Robert Buckland


Annette Brooke


Ann Coffey


Mr Elfyn Llwyd


Mark Durkan


Total signatories: 18


Mr David Blunkett


Mike Weatherley


Meg Munn


Mr John Leech


Hazel Blears


Katy Clark


Mr Clive Betts


Mr David Anderson


Mr George Howarth


Jim Shannon


Nic Dakin


Alex Cunningham




To move the following Clause:—


‘Section 23C of the Children Act 1989 (continuing functions in respect of former


relevant children) is amended by the insertion of the following subsections after


subsection (5).



The assistance given under subsection 4(c) shall include the continuation


of accommodation with the former local authority foster parent, unless—



the former relevant child states that he or she does not wish to


continue residing in such accommodation, or



the former local authority foster parent does not wish to continue


to provide accommodation, or



it is not reasonably practicable to arrange such accommodation.


Notices of Amendments: 9 May 2013                      



Children and Families Bill, continued



‘Former local authority foster parent’ means a local authority foster


parent within the meaning of section 22C(12) with whom the former


relevant child, as a looked after child, was placed under section 22C(6)(a)


or (b).”.’.



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