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Tuesday 21 May 2013


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Children and Families Bill, As Amended


Assessment and support of young carers


Mr Robert Buckland




To move the following Clause:—



Where it appears to a local authority that a child within their area may provide or


be about to provide care to an adult or a child who is disabled, the authority





assess whether the child has needs for support relating to their caring role


(or is likely to have such needs in the future); and



if the child is found to have such needs, set out what those needs are (or


are likely to be in the future).



Having carried out an assessment under subsection (1) the authority must meet


those needs for support which it considers to be necessary to meet in order to


safeguard and promote the child’s welfare.



Having carried out an assessment under subsection (1), a local authority must also


consider whether the adult is or may be eligible for assessment under the Care and


Support Act 2013, and if so must ensure such an assessment is carried out unless


that adult objects.



Having carried out an assessment under subsection (1) a local authority must


consider whether, in the case of a child who is caring for a disabled child, the child


being cared for requires an assessment under the Children Act 1989 and if so shall


carry out that assessment unless the person with parental responsibility for that


child objects.



The Secretary of State shall issue guidance in relation to the duties set out above


having consulted with persons whom the Secretary of State considers to be


appropriate, the said guidance to be issued under section 7 of the Local Authority


Social Services Act 1970.


Notices of Amendments: 21 May 2013                     



Children and Families Bill, continued



Any service provided by an authority in the exercise of functions conferred on


them under this section may be provided for the family or for any member of the


child’s family, and may include—



services to the adult the child is providing care to meet the adult’s needs


for care and support; and



services to the adult to enhance their parenting capacity.


If such services are provided with a view to safeguarding and promoting the


child’s welfare.’.



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