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Thursday 12 December 2013


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Water Bill Committee 247-269


Public Bill Committee


Water Bill


General duties with respect to water industry: consumer objective


Thomas Docherty




To move the following Clause:—


‘In pursuit of its duty under section 2 (general duties with respect to water


industry) of the Water Industry Act 1991 the Authority must—



take into account all information provided by section [Duties of


undertakers to furnish the Secretary of State with information: annual


review]; and



may consider such information when determining whether reopening a


review of prices would further the consumer objective, set out in


paragraph (2A)(a) of the 1991 Act.’.


Provision of information to water companies: landlords


Thomas Docherty




To move the following Clause:—



The Water Industry Act 1991 is amended as follows.



After section 207 (Provision of false information) there is inserted—


“Provision of information to water companies: landlords



Where a water company does not have information about a resident in


a property that is using water, if the occupants of that property are


tenants, the landlord must, on request, provide to the water company


contact details for the tenants.”.’.


Notices of Amendments: 12 December 2013                  



Water Bill, continued


Water companies: recovery of losses


Thomas Docherty




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State, or the Authority, may prohibit losses to a water company


due to non-payment of bills from being recovered through charges on customers.



This section comes into force on the day after the Secretary of State has laid


before Parliament a report setting out how water companies have failed to take


action on these matters.’.


Exit from the non-household retail market (No. 3)


Thomas Docherty




To move the following Clause:—



A company appointed to be a water undertaker under section 6 of the Water


Industry Act 1991, prior to Royal Assent of this Act, may choose to provide to—



the retail market; or



the wholesale market






Any choice by a water company to only provide to one type of market under


subsection (1) is subject to the approval of the Secretary of State.’.


Costs and benefits of requirement to facilitate fitting of sprinklers


Thomas Docherty




To move the following Clause:—


‘The Secretary of State shall, within 12 months of this Act coming into force,


publish a review into the costs and benefits of amending section 57 of the Water


Industry Act 1991 to require the water undetaker to supply water to new


properties in order to facilitate the fitting of sprinklers for fire prevention.’.





The following Notices were withdrawn on 12 December 2013:



Amendments 197, 204-210, 190.



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