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Notices of Amendments: 3 October 2013                  



Defence REform Bill, continued



For the purposes of sub-paragraph (1), disclosures under paragraph 5(1)(a) to (d)


and paragraph 5(1)(h) to (k) must be strictly necessary for the purpose, made in


confidence and paragraph 2(1) applies to the recipient of that disclosure.



Prior to making a disclosure under paragraph 5(1)(a) to (d) or paragraph 5(1)(h)


to (k), the individual or business to which the information relates must be notified


of the intended disclosure and must have the opportunity to challenge that




Alison Seabeck


Mr Kevan Jones




Schedule  5,  page  47,  line  13,  at end add—


‘Authority to inspect measures to protect information


7    (1)  

A person holding information to which this Schedule applies must permit an


industry body, acting on behalf of the owner of that information, within six


months of the relevant date and subsequently every three years, on reasonable


prior written notice and on reasonable confidentiality and other undertakings,


to audit and inspect the person‘s technical and organisational measures for


protecting that information in compliance with this Schedule.



A person holding information to which this Schedule applies must comply


with all reasonable requests or directions by the industry body to enable the


industry body to verify that the person is in compliance with their obligations


under this Schedule.



The industry body must provide a report of its findings on each inspection to


the Secretary of State within three months of that inspection. The industry


body may publish each report within six months of that inspection and must


include with each report any response made by the Secretary of State to that




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