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Notices of Amendments: 24 October 2013                  



Pensions Bill, continued



Caroline Lucas




Schedule  16,  page  88,  line  38,  at end insert—



the ability of the scheme to generate sustainable investment returns.’.


Sustainability of private pensions: review of implications of climate change and natural


resource constraints


Caroline Lucas




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State shall commission an independent review of the


implications of climate change and natural resource constraints for the


sustainability of private pensions.



In particular, the review must consider the implications for long-term investment


outcomes for members of work-based pension schemes of potential—



systemic risks posed by high levels of exposure to fossil fuels and other


carbon-intensive assets;



economic and physical impacts of climate change under various climate


mitigation scenarios; and



constraints on the availability of non-renewable resources.



In subsection (2)(c), “non-renewable resources” includes food, water, land and


energy resources.



A report of the review’s findings, including recommendations to government,


must be laid before Parliament no later than 30 October 2014.



The government must lay before Parliament its reponse to the review’s


recommendations no later than 30 January 2015.’.


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