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Thursday 21 November 2013


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


National Insurance Contributions Bill


[Third AND Fourth SITTINGS]


Clauses 1 to 3 Agreed to.


Schedule 1 Agreed to.


Clauses 4 to 14 Agreed to.


Schedule 2 Agreed to.


Clauses 15 to 20 Agreed to.


New Clause


Report to Parliament


Shabana Mahmood


Not moved  NC1


To move the following Clause:—



HMRC must prepare a bi-annual report on the employment allowance scheme


which the Minister shall lay before Parliament.



The bi-annual report must include information on HMRC’s assessment of the


impact of the employment allowance on—



the number of jobs created as a result of the employment allowance,



the level of take-up of the employment allowance,



the geographical locations of the businesses taking up the employment





the number of charities and clubs taking up the employment allowance,





the overall cost to the Exchequer of the employment allowance and


projected costs for future years.’.


Bill to be reported.



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