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Friday 10 January 2014


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Care Bill [Lords] Committee 53-70 and 71-79


Public Bill Committee


Care Bill [Lords]


Norman Lamb




Clause  25,  page  24,  line  21,  at end insert—



The regulations may in particular specify that the paragraphs in question do not


apply as regards specified needs or matters.’.


Norman Lamb




Clause  33,  page  29,  line  22,  at end insert—



cases or circumstances in which an adult who lacks capacity to request


the making of direct payments must or may nonetheless be regarded for


the purposes of this Part or the regulations as having capacity to do so;’.


Norman Lamb




Clause  33,  page  29,  line  24,  leave out ‘request the making of direct payments’ and


insert ‘make such a request’.


Norman Lamb




Clause  33,  page  29,  line  25,  leave out ‘the purposes of this Part or the regulations’


and insert ‘any of those purposes’.


Norman Lamb




Page  41,  line  2,  leave out Clause 48.



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