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Tuesday 21 January 2014


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Care Bill [Lords]


[Seventh and Eighth Sittings]


Clause 39 Agreed to.


Schedule 1 Agreed to.


Clauses 40 and 41 Agreed to.



Paul Burstow


Withdrawn  42


Clause  42,  page  38,  line  13,  at end add ‘if the local authority has reason to believe


enquiries are being impeded such that it cannot determine whether any action is necessary


it shall record whether or not an application for an adult safeguarding access order was


considered or made under section [ ].’.


Liz Kendall


Mr Jamie Reed


Meg Munn


Not called  116


Clause  42,  page  38,  line  14,  leave out subsection (3) and insert—



“Abuse” includes—



physical abuse;



sexual abuse;



psychological abuse;



financial abuse, which includes—



having money or other property stolen;



being defrauded;



being put under pressure in relation to money or other property;





having money or other property misused;



neglect and acts of omission;



discriminatory abuse; and



other, as guidance may specify.’.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 21 January 2014        



Care Bill-[ [], continued


Liz Kendall


Mr Jamie Reed


Meg Munn


Not called  117


Clause  42,  page  38,  line  19,  at end add—



A relevant partner (as identified in section 6(7)) has a duty, where it has


reasonable cause to suspect a person is an adult at risk of abuse or neglect, and the


adult appears to be within the local authority’s area, to inform the local authority


of that fact.’.


Liz Kendall


Mr Jamie Reed


Meg Munn


Not called  118


Clause  42,  page  38,  line  19,  at end insert—



In the case of financial abuse, investigation may be instigated following a


complaint from a person with power of attorney for an adult having needs for care


and support.’.


Clause Agreed to.


Clause 43 Agreed to.



Liz Kendall


Mr Jamie Reed


Meg Munn


Withdrawn  119


Schedule  2,  page  119,  line  24,  at end insert—



The Secretary of State.’.


Liz Kendall


Mr Jamie Reed


Meg Munn


Not called  120


Schedule  2,  page  119,  line  24,  at end insert—



The Chief Inspector for Social Care.’.


Schedule Agreed to.


Clauses 44 to 47 Agreed to.



Norman Lamb


Not selected  112


Page  41,  line  2,  leave out Clause 48.


Clause Negatived on division.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 21 January 2014        



Care Bill-[ [], continued


Clauses 49 to 55 Agreed to.



[Adjourned until Thursday at 11.30 am


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