Consumer Rights Bill (HC Bill 161)

Consumer Rights BillPage 120

(a) the circumstances in which a sist may be granted or
recalled at the request of a party to the proceedings,

(b) the circumstances in which the proceedings may be sisted
at the instance of the Tribunal, and

(c) 5the procedure to be followed.

(3) Rules under sub-paragraph (1) or (2) may in particular make
provision in relation to the stay or sist of proceedings under
section 47A or 47B which relate to a claim in respect of an
infringement decision (as defined in section 47A(5)) which has not
10become final (see section 58A of the 1998 Act).

34 After paragraph 21 insert—


21A Tribunal rules may make provision in relation to the grant of
injunctions (including interim injunctions) in proceedings under
15section 47A or 47B of the 1998 Act.

35 In paragraph 23(3), for “an individual” substitute “a person”.

36 In paragraph 25, after “transfer” insert “all or any part of”.

Part 3 Courts and Legal Services Act 1990

37 20In the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990, in section 58AA (damages-based
agreements), after subsection (10) insert—

(11) Subsection (1) is subject to section 47C(7) of the Competition Act