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Thursday 13 March 2014


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Consumer Rights Bill


[fifteenth Sitting]


Annual report: consumer rights


Stella Creasy


Stephen Doughty


Withdrawn  NC8


To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State must prepare and publish an annual report of the effect of


public policy in the area of consumer rights and must lay a copy of the report


before Parliament.



The Report shall, with particular regard to low income households, include an


assessment of the effect on—



household bills; and






Annual report: public services


Stella Creasy


Stephen Doughty


Withdrawn  NC9


To move the following Clause:—



Within three months of Royal Assent of this Act the Secretary of State must


publish a report detailing how—



better outcomes for consumers of public services; and



more efficient decision-making processes



will be ensured.



For the purposes of this Act a public service is any provided to the consumer


directly by—



a Government department;



a local or public authority; or


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 13 March 2014          



Consumer Rights Bill, continued



a trader acting on behalf of these organisations.



For the purposes of this Act a person shall be a consumer of public services under


a “direct commissioning contract” when they enter any—









consumer notice; or



proposed contract,



for receiving a service which the person has a direct role in commissioning.



A report under subsection (1) will consider—



how each public service provider will ensure a formalised approach to


ensure independent advocacy is available for consumers at an early stage


in the decision-making process for the provision of public services;



the nature of an independent advocate to participate in this process, and


the definition of independence, including how this could be supported by


the conduct of any service provider;



the effect of a breach in a consumer’s statutory rights as set out by this


Act when a direct commissioning contract is in place;



what formal status any independent advice provided notice issued will


have in relation to local authority decision-making, in particular, in


instances where a public service continues to act contrary to such


information and formal legal redress is sought;



the role of the public sector ombudsman services in overseeing any such


approach under paragraph (a); and



how a public service provider will report on their formalised approach


under paragraph (a).’.


Bill, as amended, to be reported.



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