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House of Commons


Thursday 13 March 2014


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Deregulation Bill


[Eleventh and Twelfth Sittings]


Clauses 31 to 35 Agreed to.



Tom Brake


Oliver Heald


Agreed to  9


Schedule  12,  page  131,  line  4,  at end insert—



In the Notes to Group 6, in Note (5A), for “and 5B” substitute “to 5C”.’.


Member’s explanatory statement


Paragraph 43 of Schedule 12 amends Group 6 of Part 2 of Schedule 9 to the Value Added Tax Act


1994 (exemptions) to omit paragraph 5A(b) and insert a new paragraph 5C. This additional


amendment makes a consequential amendment to the Notes to Group 6 (which explain terms used


in the Group).


Schedule Agreed to.


Clause 36 Agreed to.


Schedule 13 Agreed to.


Clause 37 Agreed to.


Schedule 14 Agreed to.



Chi Onwurah


Toby Perkins


Thomas Docherty


Withdrawn  16


Clause  38,  page  28,  line  34,  leave out ‘15’ and insert ‘18’.


Clause Agreed to.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 13 March 2014          



Deregulation Bill, continued


Clause 39 Agreed to.


Schedule 15 Agreed to.


Clauses 40 to 42 Agreed to.



Chi Onwurah


Toby Perkins


Thomas Docherty


Withdrawn  15


Clause  43,  page  30,  line  43,  leave out ‘500 persons’ and insert ‘250 persons for an


indoor screening and 1,000 persons for an outdoor screening’.


Chi Onwurah


Toby Perkins


Thomas Docherty


Not called  14


Clause  43,  page  31,  line  27,  at end insert—



Prior to the enactment of the Act, the Government will provide a clear definition


of what sites qualify as “community premises”.’.


Clause Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 18 March at 8.55 am


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