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Wednesday 12 March 2014


Report Stage Proceedings


Intellectual Property Bill, As Amended


New Clause


Future of intellectual property


Mr Iain Wright


Negatived on division  NC1


To move the following Clause:—



Subordinate legislation to implement the Government’s policy statement entitled


“Modernising Copyright”, published in December 2012, may not be brought


forward until the Secretary of State has published, and laid before both Houses of


Parliament, a report setting out the Government’s long term plans for the future


of intellectual property in the United Kingdom.’.



Mr Iain Wright


Not called  2


Clause  13,  page  11,  leave out lines 40 to 41.


Mr Iain Wright


Not called  3


Clause  13,  page  12,  leave out lines 6 to 7.


Mr Iain Wright


Not called  4


Clause  13,  page  12,  leave out line 19.


Mr Iain Wright


Not called  5


Clause  13,  page  12,  line  41,  at end insert—


Report Stage Proceedings: 12 March 2014                  



Intellectual Property Bill, continued



In this section “design right” includes an unregistered community design and a


reference to the owner of the design right is also to be read as a reference to the


owner of a community design right in a design.’.



Pete Wishart


Not called  1


Clause  17,  page  17,  line  31,  at end insert—



In making an order under this section which confers jurisdiction on a court,


removes jurisdiction from a court or varies the jurisdiction of a court, the


Secretary of State shall—



ensure he takes into account the views of—



HM Courts and Tribunals Service;



the Scottish Courts Services;



the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service; and



any other appropriate body;






where the number of patent cases is such as to meet the requirements as


set out in Article 7 of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court, to confer


local divisional court jurisdiction on—



in England and Wales, the High Court;



in Scotland, the Court of Session; and



in Northern Ireland, the High Court.’.



Mr Iain Wright


Not called  6


Clause  20,  page  18,  line  32,  leave out ‘obtained in the’ and insert ‘created or


obtained in the planning of, or’.


Bill read the third time and passed, with Amendments.



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