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Thursday 27 February 2014


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Consideration of Bill


Care Bill, As Amended


Provision of certain care and support services to be public function


Paul Burstow




To move the following Clause:—



A person (“P”) who provides regulated social care for an individual under


arrangements made with P by a public authority, or paid for by a public authority,


is to be taken for the purposes of subsection (3)(b) of section 6 of the Human


Rights Act 1998 (acts of public authorities) to be exercising a function of a public


nature in doing so.



This section applies to persons providing services regulated by the Care Quality





In this section “social care” has the same meaning as in the Health and Social


Care Act 2008.’.


CQC duty to support integration of social and health care


Paul Burstow




To move the following Clause:—


‘In exercising the functions and duties set out in section 90 (Performance


ratings), the Commission must act always to require, enable and encourage the


provision of health services in ways that support and facilitate the functions and


duties of—



local authorities set out in section 3 (Promoting integration of care and


support with health services etc.) of this Act,



the NHS Commissioning Board set out in section 23(1) 13N (The NHS


Commissioning Board: further provision) of the Health and Social Care


Act 2012, and


Notices of Amendments: 27 February 2014                  



Care Bill, continued



clinical commissioning groups set out in section 26 (14Z1) (Clinical


commissioning groups: general duties etc.) of the Health and Social Care


Act 2012


where it considers that this—



improve the quality of those services (including the outcomes


that are achieved from their provison),



reduce inequalities between persons with respect to their ability


to access those services, or



reduce inequalities between persons with respect to the outcomes


achieved for them by the provision of those services.’.


Deferred payment data


Paul Burstow




To move the following Clause:—


‘The Health and Social Care Information Centre shall make arrangements to


collect and publish data including, but not limited to—



the number of individuals entering into a deferred payment arrangement,



the proportion of those individuals who received—



regulated financial advice,



other forms of advice, and



no advice



before entering into a deferred payment arrangement,



the average length of time a deferred payment arrangement is held,



the numbers of individuals holding such arrangements broken down by


different periods of time held, amd



the amount of money deferred under such arrangement.’.



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