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Thursday 20 March 2014


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Criminal Justice and Courts Bill


[Seventh and Eighth Sittings]


Clause 18 Agreed to.



Dan Jarvis


Mr Andy Slaughter


Negatived on division  38


Schedule  4,  page  73,  line  25,  at end insert—



Where the Secretary of State enters into a contract with another person under


paragraph 1(1), and that person is not a public authority for the purposes of


section 3 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, that person shall be designated


by the Secretary of State as a public authority for the purposes of that section in


relation to that contract.’.


Mr Robert Buckland


Not selected  97


Parliamentary Star - white    

Schedule  4,  page  73,  line  25,  at end insert—


‘Special Educational Needs


1A  (1)  

All secure colleges, whether directly managed or contracted out, must make


provision to meet the special educational needs of persons detained there.’.


Sarah Champion


Withdrawn  61


Schedule  4,  page  74,  line  17,  at end insert—




4A  (2)  

All staff employed as teachers, counsellors or nurses at a secure unit must hold


qualifications as one of the following—



qualified teachers;



accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and





registered nurse (children).’.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 20 March 2014          



Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, continued


Dan Jarvis


Mr Andy Slaughter


Withdrawn  34


Schedule  4,  page  75,  line  14,  at end insert—



to assess and promote their best interests.’.


Dan Jarvis


Mr Andy Slaughter


Negatived on division  36


Schedule  4,  page  75,  line  26,  leave out from ‘where’ to end of line 27 and insert ‘a


young person poses an imminent threat of injury to himself or others, and only when all


other means of control have been exhausted.’.


Mr Shailesh Vara


Agreed to  22


Schedule  4,  page  80,  line  15,  leave out ‘51 weeks’ and insert ‘12 months’.


Member’s explanatory statement


The offence of wrongful disclosure of information under paragraph 25 of Schedule 4 is triable ei­


ther on indictment or summarily. When section 154 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 comes into


force, the maximum term of imprisonment on summary conviction should change from 6 months to


12 months (not 51 weeks, which is appropriate for summary-only offences).


Mr Shailesh Vara


Agreed to  23


Schedule  4,  page  81,  line  29,   leave out ‘In section 15(3)(d) (funding of Local


Safeguarding Children Boards)’ and insert ‘In section 15(3) (funding of Local


Safeguarding Children Boards)—



in paragraph (c), after “principal of a” insert “directly managed”, and



in paragraph (d),’.


Member’s explanatory statement


This amendment provides that, where the principal of a secure college is a Board partner of the


authority that established a Local Safeguarding Children Board, the Secretary of State is only a


person who may make payments towards expenditure incurred by the Board if the college is direct­


ly managed, rather than contracted-out.


Mr Shailesh Vara


Agreed to  24


Schedule  4,  page  81,  line  30,  at end insert—



In section 33(3) (funding of Local Safeguarding Children Boards in Wales)—



in paragraph (c), after “principal of a” insert “directly managed”, and



in paragraph (d), after “or prison” insert “or the principal of a


contracted-out secure college”.’.


Mr Shailesh Vara


Agreed to  25


Schedule  4,  page  81,  line  33,  after ‘references’ insert ‘to a directly managed secure


college and’.


Mr Shailesh Vara


Agreed to  26


Schedule  4,  page  81,  line  34,  leave out ‘such a’ and insert ‘a contracted-out,’.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 20 March 2014          



Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, continued


Mr Shailesh Vara


Agreed to  27


Schedule  4,  page  81,  line  35,  leave out ‘1’ and insert ‘27’.


Schedule, as amended, Agreed to.


Clauses 19 to 23 Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 25 March at 8.55 am


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