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Monday 17 March 2014


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Consideration of Bill


Consumer Rights Bill, As Amended


Guidance for statutory regulators


Stella Creasy


Stephen Doughty




To move the following Clause:—



Within three months of Royal Assent of this Act, the Secretary of State shall


publish guidance based on the work of the Implementation Group.



Guidance published under section (1) shall—



detail how consumers should be informed of their rights and at what point


this should happen;



ensure that traders have the information they need regarding their


responsibilities under this Act and other consumer rights legislation;



define what may be a “reasonable time” for consumers to secure refunds,


repairs or replacement, repeat performance; and



specify the sanctions available to enforcement agencies in cases where


the guidance has not been followed.



Within six months of the publication of guidance under subsection (1), the


Secretary of State shall issue a code of practice in relation to the exercise of any


and all the functions set out in the guidance, subject to the provisions of


subsections (5) to (7).



Any person exercising such a function must have regard to the code in


determining any general policy or principles by reference to which the person


exercises the function.



Where the Secretary of State proposes to issue a code of practice under subsection


(3), he shall prepare a draft of the code, and shall lay the draft before Parliament.



Where the draft laid before Parliament under subsection (5) is approved by


resolution of each House of Parliament, the Secretary of State shall issue the code.



A code issued under subsection (6) shall come into force on such date as the


Secretary of State may by order made by statutory instrument appoint.’.


Notices of Amendments: 17 March 2014                  



Consumer Rights Bill, continued


Access to data


Stella Creasy


Stephen Doughty




To move the following Clause:—


‘Schedule [Access to data] has effect.’.



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