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Tuesday 29 April 2014


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Public Bill Committee


Finance (No. 2) Bill


(Except Clauses 1, 5 to 7, 11, 72 to 74 and 112; Schedule 1; and certain new Clauses and new





Mr David Gauke




Schedule  5,  page  232,  line  31,  leave out ‘the relevant day’ and insert ‘—



the day on which the trustee’s appointment as


mentioned in paragraph (a) takes effect, or



if the trustee is appointed as mentioned in paragraph


(a) on more than one occasion, the day on which the


first appointment takes effect’.


Mr David Gauke




Schedule  5,  page  234,  line  41,  leave out ‘the liability of’ and insert ‘retained or


assumed by’.


Mr David Gauke




Schedule  5,  page  234,  line  45,  leave out from ‘be’ to end of line 46 and insert


‘retained or assumed by the person who was, or the persons who were, the scheme


administrator when there last was a scheme administrator before the relevant day (unless


dead or having ceased to exist).’.


Mr David Gauke




Schedule  5,  page  235,  line  17,  leave out ‘section).”’ and insert ‘section), and in


particular the liability continues to be a liability of the scheme administrator for the


Notices of Amendments: 29 April 2014                  



Finance (N, continued


purposes of section 271(2).



If a person assumes the liability under section 271(2) at a time after P


or Q’s appointment as, or as one of the persons who are, the scheme


administrator has ceased, the person who has, or the persons who


have, the liability by reason of subsection (3) or (4) is, or are, released


from the liability.



A person who has, or persons who have, the liability by reason of


subsection (3) or (4) may apply to an officer of Revenue and Customs


to be released from the liability.



Section 271(6) to (13) applies in relation to an application under


subsection (11) as it applies in relation to an application under section




Mr David Gauke




Schedule  5,  page  235,  line  39,  leave out sub-paragraph (3).



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