Finance (No. 2) Bill (HC Bill 190)

(b) in paragraph (d) for “equal to” substitute “substantially the same as”.

(3) 30After sub-paragraph (7) insert—

(8) For the purposes of this paragraph the market value of any shares
is to be determined using a methodology agreed by Her Majesty’s
Revenue and Customs.

117 For Part 8 substitute—

35 Part 8 Notification of schemes, annual returns and enquiries
40A Notice of scheme to be given to HMRC

(1) For an SAYE option scheme to be a Schedule 3 SAYE option
scheme, notice of the scheme must be given to Her Majesty’s
40Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”).

(2) The notice must—

(a) be given by the scheme organiser,

(b) contain, or be accompanied by, such information as HMRC
may require, and