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Thursday 12 June 2014


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Finance Bill Committee 112-120


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Finance Bill


(Except Clauses 1, 5 to 7, 11, 72 to 74 and 112; Schedule 1; and certain new Clauses and new




Charlie Elphicke




Clause  227,  page  154,  line  34,  at end insert—



“Tax abuse” means any arrangement that, having regard to all the circumstances,


it would be reasonable to conclude is an arrangement that has no business, social


or other purpose other than the obtaining of a tax advantage.”


Charlie Elphicke




Clause  228,  page  155,  line  35,  at end insert—



It shall be a summary offence to promote a relevant proposal or relevant


arrangement which meets the definition of “tax abuse”.



A promoter found guilty of an offence under subsection (8) shall be liable to a fine


not exceeding level 1 on the standard scale.”


Charlie Elphicke




Clause  264,  page  178,  line  9,  leave out subsection (1) and insert—



In carrying out its functions under this Part, HMRC may require any person to


disclose any privileged information.”


Teresa Pearce




Clause  212,  page  141,  line  35,  at end insert—



The Chancellor of the Exchequer shall, within six months of this Act receiving


Royal Assent, publish a post implementation review.



The Review referred to in subsection (8) above must in particular examine—


Notices of Amendments: 12 June 2014                     



Finance Bill, continued



the total number of accelerated payment notices issued;



the number of accelerated payment notices issued to cases involving a


disclosure made under DOTAS prior to the Act receiving Royal Assent,



the total revenue collected through accelerated payment notices;



the total revenue collected through penalties arising as a result of


accelerated payment notices;



the number of representations made to Her Majesty’s Revenue and


Customs following the issuing of an accelerated payment notice;



the number of accelerated payment notices that have been subsequently





the financial consequences resulting from the issuance of accelerated


payment notices for the businesses and taxpayers involved.



The Chancellor of the Exchequer must publish the report of the review and lay


the report before the House.”


Ed Balls


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Catherine McKinnell


Shabana Mahmood




Clause  278,  page  187,  line  28,  at end insert—



Before bringing foward any further reform of The Code of Practice on Taxation


of Banks, the Chancellor shall lay before Parliament a report considering the


impact on the total receipts paid to the Exchequer since 2010 by—



Uk banking groups;



building society groups;



foreign banking groups; and



relevant non-banking groups.



The report will pay particular attention to receipts from—



corporation tax;



the bank levy; and



bank payroll tax.”



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