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given on


Wednesday 11 June 2014


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Consideration of Bill


Consumer Rights Bill, As Amended


Hilary Benn [R]


Emma Reynolds


Stella Creasy




To move the following Clause—


“Letting Agents: Report


Within three months of Royal Assent of this Act, the Secretary of State shall


prepare and publish a report, and lay a copy of the report before Parliament, on—



the consumer detriment caused to tenants by letting agent fees and the


impact this has on the ability of tenants to secure and maintain tenancies,





the steps that the government intends to take to prohibit fees that cause


detriment to tenants.”


Philip Davies




Schedule  2,  page  53,  line  2,  at the end insert—



A term which has the object or effect of permitting a trader to block, restrict or


otherwise hinder the access of a consumer to any lawful electronic


communications network or electronic communications service on the basis of


an unreasonable or unusual definition of “internet access”, “data”, “web


access” or similar word or phrase.


Nothing in this prohibition shall affect filters for the purpose of child




Electronic communications network or electronic communication service shall


have the same meaning as in the Communications Act 2003.”


As an Amendment to Philip Davies’ proposed Amendment (No. 19):—


Notices of Amendments: 11 June 2014                     



Consumer Rights Bill, continued


Helen Goodman


Stella Creasy




Line  1,  after “trader”, insert “engaged in the provision of fixed broadband


internet access or mobile internet services.”


Fiona Bruce




To move the following Clause—


“Safety of medical processes or treatments



This section applies when a new medical process or treatment must be authorised


by an order or regulation.



The Secretary of State must not lay before either House of Parliament an order or


regulation until the apparent safety of the medical process or treatment referred


to in subsection (1) has been confirmed by preclinical research where—






has been completed; and



the results have been peer reviewed and published in a scientific or


academic journal (whether published in electronic form or otherwise);





the results have been placed in the public domain.



In this section, “preclinical research” means research that is necessary and


sufficient for clinical trials to proceed.



This section applies to but is not limited to regulations made under the Human


Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990.”



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