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Thursday 16 October 2014


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Childcare Payments Bill


[Third and Fourth Sittings]


The following witnesses gave oral evidence:


Samantha Mann, Senior Policy and Research Officer, Chartered Institute of Payroll Profession­


als; Charles Cotton, Performance and Reward Adviser, Chartered Institute of Personnel and De­




Dr Kitty Stewart, London School of Economics and Political Science;


Spencer Thompson, Senior Economic Analyst, Institute for Public Policy Research; Vidhya Alake­


son, Deputy Chief Executive, Resolution Foundation;


Priti Patel MP, Exchequer Secretary to Treasury, HM Treasury; Suzanne Newton, Director of


Tax-Free Childcare, HMRC; Mike Purvis, Deputy Director, Tax-Free Childcare, HMRC.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 21 October at 9.25 am


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