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given on


Thursday 9 October 2014


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Modern Slavery Bill Committee 163-193 and 195-96


Public Bill Committee


Modern Slavery Bill


Mr David Hanson


Diana Johnson


Phil Wilson




To move the following Clause—


“Protection from slavery from overseas domestic workers



All overseas and domestic workers including those working for staff of


diplomatic missions shall be entitled to—



change their employer (but not work sector) while in the United





renew their domestic worker or diplomatic domestic worker visa for a


period up to 12 months as long as they remain in employment and are


able to support themselves adequately without recourse to public funds;



a three month temporary visa permitting them to live in the United


Kingdom for the purposes of seeking alternative employment as an


overseas domestic worker where there is evidence that the worker has


been a victim of modern slavery.”





The following Notices were withdrawn on 9 October:





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