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Public Bill Committee:                               



, continued



manufactured in the circumstances described in subsection (1).



The Secretary of State shall by regulations establish a process whereby a petition


can be made by any person, public authority or organisation who has reason to


believe that goods produced or sourced in the circumstances in subsection (1) are


being or are likely to be imported into the UK to communicate these concerns to


the relevant authority.



A communication under subsection (3) shall contain—



a full statement of reasons for the claim,



a detailed description or example of the product, and



all relevant information regarding the production of the good.”


Member’s explanatory statement


This would allow for the banning of the import of any product produced by slavery, convict, forced


or indentured labour, including child labour.



Mark Durkan




To move the following Clause—


“Legal liability for the beneficiaries of slavery



The Secretary of State shall within six months of this Act coming into force bring


forward regulations to ensure that a person benefiting from an offence under


section 1 or 2 of this Act committed by a third party shall have committed an


offence where—



the third party acted for that person’s benefit,



their lack of supervision or control made possible the committing of the


offence by the third party.



Regulations under subsection (1) shall not be made unless a draft has been laid


before and approved by both Houses of Parliament.”


Member’s explanatory statement


This new clause requires the Secretary of State to bring forward measures along the lines set out


in EU Directive 2011/36/EU on preventing trafficking in human beings.



Mr David Burrowes


Sarah Teather




To move the following Clause—


“Provision of NHS services to victims of modern slavery


Where a provider of services, to which section 175 of the National Health Service


Act 2006 relates, believes that a person may be a victim of slavery or human


trafficking, no charge may be made under that section for services from that


provider to that person.”



Public Bill Committee:                               



, continued


Diana Johnson


Mr David Hanson


Phil Wilson




To move the following Clause—


“Duty on large UK companies to report efforts to eradicate modern slavery and


forced labour



The Secretary of State must, not later than 5 October 2015—



make regulations under section 416(4) of the Companies Act 2006 (c. 46)


requiring the directors’ report of a company to contain such information


as may be specified in the regulations about modern slavery and forced


labour in the supply chain for which the company is responsible, or



lay before Parliament a report explaining why no such regulations have


been made.



Regulations made under section (1)(a) must be in force in relation to quoted


companies by 6 January 2016 and in relation to large private companies as the


Secretary of State believes to be appropriate by 2 January 2018.



Subsection (1)(a) is complied with if regulations are made containing provision


in relation to the company’s reporting of work in the following areas—



verification and evaluation of supply chains to address the risks of


modern slavery and forced labour;



auditing of suppliers;



certification of goods and services purchased from suppliers;



accountability for modern slavery issues within the company; and



staff training and qualification.



No regulations made under this section shall apply to small companies as defined


by section 381 of the Companies Act 2006 (c. 46).”



Mr David Hanson


Diana Johnson


Phil Wilson




To move the following Clause—


“Protection from slavery from overseas domestic workers



All overseas and domestic workers including those working for staff of


diplomatic missions shall be entitled to—



change their employer (but not work sector) while in the United





renew their domestic worker or diplomatic domestic worker visa for a


period up to 12 months as long as they remain in employment and are


able to support themselves adequately without recourse to public funds;


Public Bill Committee:                               



, continued



a three month temporary visa permitting them to live in the United


Kingdom for the purposes of seeking alternative employment as an


overseas domestic worker where there is evidence that the worker has


been a victim of modern slavery.”



Order of the House [8 July 2014]


That the following provisions shall apply to the the Modern Slavery Bill:—





The Bill shall be committed to a Public Bill Committee.


Proceedings in Public Bill Committee



Proceedings in the Public Bill Committee shall (so far as not previously


concluded) be brought to a conclusion on Tuesday 14 October 2014.



The Public Bill Committee shall have leave to sit twice on the first day on


which it meets.


Consideration and Third Reading



Proceedings on Consideration shall (so far as not previously concluded) be


brought to a conclusion one hour before the moment of interruption on the


day on which those proceedings are commenced.



Proceedings on Third Reading shall (so far as not previously concluded) be


brought to a conclusion at the moment of interruption of that day.



Standing Order No. 83B (Programming committees) shall not apply to


proceedings on Consideration and Third Reading.


Other Proceedings



Any other proceedings on the Bill (including any proceedings on


consideration of Lords Amendments or any further message from the Lords)


may be programmed.



Order of the Committee [21 July 2014]





the Committee shall (in addition to its first meeting at 3.30pm on Monday 21


July) meet—



at 9.25 am and 2.00 pm on Tuesday 2 September;



at 11.30 am and 2.00 pm on Thursday 4 September;



at 9.25 am and 2.00 pm on Tuesday 9 September;



at 11.30 am and 2.00 pm on Thursday 11 September;



at 9.25 am and 2.00 pm on Tuesday 14 October;



the Committee shall hear oral eveidence on Monday 21 July in accordance


with the following Table—


Public Bill Committee:                               



, continued







Until not later than 4.00 pm

Alison Saunders, Director of Public


Prosecutions; National Crime




Until no later than 4.45 pm

Church of England; Catholic


Bishops for England and Wales


Until not later than 5.30 pm

Centre for Social Justice; Kalayaan;


Unseen UK


Until no later than 6.00 pm

Nadine Finch, Garden Court


Chambers; Peter Carter QC, Red


Lion Chambers



proceedings on consideration of the Bill in Committee shall be taken in the


following order; Clauses 1 to 13; Schedule 1; Clauses 14 and 15; Schedule 2;


Clauses 16 to 39; Schedule 3; Clauses 40 to 46; Schedule 4; Clauses 47 to 51;


new Clauses; new Schedules; remaining proceedings on the Bill.



the proceedings shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a


conclusion at 5.00 pm on Tuesday 14 October.





The following Notices were withdrawn on 11 September:




The following Notices were withdrawn on 9 October:




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