Session 2014 - 15
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House of Commons


Tuesday 3 March 2015


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


National Health Service


(Amended Duties and Powers) Bill


[Fourth and Fifth Sittings]


Jacob Rees-Mogg


Mr Simon Burns


Mr James Arbuthnot


Withdrawn  38


Clause  1,  page  1,  line  10,  leave out “social solidarity” and insert “medical




Mr Clive Efford


Agreed to  


That the Committee do not proceed further with Consideration of the Bill.


Bill reported without Amendment to lie upon the Table.


Mr Clive Efford


Draft Special Report—


Having regard to the position of the business of the House which makes it impossible


that the later stages of the Bill be proceeded with this Session, the Committee has resolved


not to proceed further with the Bill.


Brought up, read the first and second time and agreed to.



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