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Thursday 15 January 2015


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Health Service Commissioner for England


(Complaint Handling) Bill


Mr David Davis




Parliamentary Star    

Clause  1,  page  1,  line  5,  leave out “concluded an investigation” and insert “sent a


report or statement of reasons under this section”


Mr David Davis




Parliamentary Star    

Clause  1,  page  1,  line  12,  leave out from beginning to end of clause and insert—



the time periods taken by the Commissioner from receiving complaints


to sending reports (or statements of reasons) to the persons who have


made the complaints;



the number of complaints that were received more than 12 months prior


to a report (or statement of reasons) being sent to the person who made


the complaint;



the action being taken by the Commissioner to ensure that reports (or


statements of reason) are sent to persons making complaints within a


reasonable timeframe.”



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