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Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued



a body established under section 1 of the Police Reform and Social


Responsibility Act 2011 (police and crime commissioner).”


Member’s explanatory statement


This amendment enables the extension of recall to local government councillors, Mayors and


police and crime commissioners.


Jonathan Edwards


Zac Goldsmith


Mr David Davis


Anne Marie Morris


Mr Andrew Mitchell


Douglas Carswell


Nick de Bois


Mr Frank Field


Katy Clark


Jim Fitzpatrick


Kate Hoey


Jacob Rees-Mogg


Caroline Lucas


Mark Durkan


Adam Afriyie


Mr David Anderson


Steve Baker


Guto Bebb


Richard Benyon


Mr Peter Bone


Sir Peter Bottomley


Angie Bray


Andrew Bridgen


Mr David Burrowes


Alistair Burt


Dan Byles


Neil Carmichael


Martin Caton


Glyn Davies


Nadine Dorries


Natascha Engel


Mr Nigel Evans


Mark Field


Paul Flynn


Richard Fuller


Mr George Galloway


Mrs Mary Glindon


Mr Mike Hancock


Simon Hart


Chris Heaton-Harris


Mr Phillip Hollobone


Mr Adam Holloway


Mr Bernard Jenkin


Mr David Jones


Chris Kelly


Mr David Lammy


Jeremy Lefroy


Charlotte Leslie


Fiona Mactaggart


Mrs Anne Main


John Mann


Jason McCartney


John McDonnell


Mr Michael Meacher


Nigel Mills


Mr David Nuttall


Albert Owen


Mr Dominic Raab


Ms Margaret Ritchie


Henry Smith


Andrew Stephenson


Mr Graham Stuart


Martin Vickers


Mike Weatherley


Mr Mike Weir


Chris White


Craig Whittaker


Bill Wiggin


Roger Williams


Dr Sarah Wollaston




To move the following Clause—


“Recall from Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and Northern


Ireland Assembly to be a devolved matter



Paragraph B3 of Part II of Schedule 5 to the Scotland Act 1998 (reserved matters)


shall be amended to add the words “(other than in relation to the recall of


members from the Parliament)” after the second reference to “Parliament”.



At the end of paragraph 13, Part 1 of Schedule 7 (devolved matters) to the


Government of Wales Act 2006 add—



“Recall of members from the Assembly”.


Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued



At the end of paragraph 8 of Schedule 3 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998


(reserved matters) add—



“Recall of members from the Assembly”.


Member’s explanatory statement


This amendment makes provision for recall to be treated as a devolved matter for the devolved


administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


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