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, continued


Mr Elfyn Llwyd


Clause  50,  page  43,  line  35,  leave out “on the balance of probabilities” and insert


“beyond reasonable doubt”.


Mr Elfyn Llwyd


Clause  50,  page  44,  line  5,  leave out “doing anything described in the injunction”


and insert “engaging in, or encouraging or assisting, gang-related violence or gang-related


drug-dealing activity;”.


Mr Elfyn Llwyd


Clause  50,  page  44,  line  7,  leave out “described in the injunction” and insert


“which will protect the respondent from gang-related violence or gang-related drug


dealing activity”.


Mr Elfyn Llwyd


Clause  65,  page  53,  line  6,  at end insert—


“( )    

In that subsection, for “under that age” substitute “under 18””.


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