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given on


Monday 8 December 2014


Public Bill Committee


Infrastructure Bill [Lords]


Tom Greatrex


Clause  38,  page  45,  line  22,  at end insert—



The Secretary of State shall, before the award of licences in relation to the use of


deep-level land for onshore oil and gas exploration, issue additional planning


guidance introducing a presumption against such developments within or under


protected areas and functionally linked land.”


Tom Greatrex


Clause  39,  page  45,  line  32,  leave out “any substance” and insert “substances


approved by the Environment Agency”


Tom Greatrex


Clause  39,  page  46,  line  2,  after “use”, insert “, subject to the conditions laid out in


planning permission”


Tom Greatrex


Clause  39,  page  46,  line  3,  at end insert—





The right of use shall be conditional on operators undertaking site-by-site


measurement, monitoring and public disclosure of existing and future


fugitive emissions.



in this section, “fugitive emissions” shall mean releases arising from, but


not limited to, flaring, venting, storage and transportation leakages.”


Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued


Tom Greatrex




To move the following Clause



“Exploitation of petroleum on deep-level land: cumulative impacts


The Secretary of State should amend the National Planning Policy Framework to


require planning authorities to consider the cumulative impacts of exploiting


petroleum on deep-level land.”


Tom Greatrex




To move the following Clause



“Underground access: environmental protection



All sites extracting petroleum under the provisions of section 38 must—



carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment;



ensure that independent inspections are carried out of the integrity of


wells used;



publicly disclose the chemicals used for the extraction process, and the


proportions in which they are used on a well-by-well basis;



consult with the relevant water company; and



carry out monitoring over the previous 12 month period.



The Secretary of State shall by regulations specify what data shall be required


under paragraph (e).



Regulations under subsection (2) must specify as required data the levels of


methane in the groundwater and ecological studies, that data shall include but is


not limited to levels of methane in the groundwater and ecological studies.



Regulations under subsection (2) must be made by statutory instrument and may


not be made unless a draft of the instrument has been laid before and approved by


a resolution of each House of Parliament.”


Tom Greatrex


Clause  39,  page  46,  line  3,  at end insert—


“( )    

Before a well design is commenced or adopted in connection with the


exploitation of petroleum the right of use requires the Health and Safety


Executive to inspect the well so as to satisfy itself that—



so far as is reasonably practicable, there can be no unplanned escape of


fluids from the well; and



risks to the health and safety of persons from it or anything in it, or in


strata to which it is connected, are as low as is reasonably practicable.


( )    

Where the Health and Safety Executive is satisfied that a condition in subsection


( ) is met, it shall give notice to the Secretary of State.


( )    

The Secretary of State shall publish the information received from the Health and


Safety Executive in accordance with sub-paragraph ( ).”


Tom Greatrex


Clause  36,  page  39,  line  10,  after “industry”, insert “and the co-ordination of the


transportation and storage of CO2”


Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued


Tom Greatrex




To move the following Clause



“Shale gas extraction: devolution



The Scotland Act 1998 is amended as follows.



In Schedule 5, Part II, section D2, after “gas other than through pipes.”, insert—



“The licensing of onshore shale gas extraction underlying Scotland.



Responsibility for mineral access rights for onshore extraction of shale


gas in Scotland.”



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