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Thursday 8 January 2015


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Infrastructure Bill [Lords]


[Sixth and Seventh sittings]


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Withdrawn  59


Clause  29,  page  33,  line  37,  at end insert—



This section shall not come into force until the Secretary of State has laid an


independent report before both Houses of Parliament on the effects of the


transferral of responsibility for local land charges to the Land Registry, and the


report shall include—



an implementation plan;



an assessment of the impact it will have on local authorities;



an assessment of the impact it will have on businesses; and



an assessment of the impact it will have on home buyers and sellers.”


Clause Agreed to.


Schedule 4 Agreed to.


Clauses 30 and 31 Agreed to.


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Withdrawn  60


Clause  32,  page  34,  line  23,  at end insert “and shall relate to buildings or


developments of any size”


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Withdrawn  61


Clause  32,  page  34,  line  23,  at end insert—



carbon abatement offsite must only be considered exceptionally and


where homes on site already conform to the code for sustainable homes.”





, continued


Mr Nick Raynsford


Dr Alan Whitehead


Withdrawn  33


Clause  32,  page  34,  line  29,  at end insert “and where the requirement cannot


reasonably be met on the building site.”


Alistair Burt


Mr Brooks Newmark


Withdrawn  66


Clause  32,  page  34,  line  34,  after “things”, insert “within the built environment”


Alistair Burt


Mr Brooks Newmark


Withdrawn  63


Clause  32,  page  35,  line  2,  leave out “Secretary of State” and insert “a local


planning authority”


Alistair Burt


Mr Brooks Newmark


Withdrawn  64


Clause  32,  page  35,  line  5,  at end insert—



provisions within sub-paragraph (3)(a) should be carried out within an


area determined by the local planning authority, where the opportunity


exists to do so.”


Alistair Burt


Mr Brooks Newmark


Withdrawn  65


Clause  32,  page  35,  line  30,  at end insert “to be determined by the local planning




Mr Nick Raynsford


Dr Alan Whitehead


Withdrawn  34


Clause  32,  page  36,  line  5,  at end insert—



No variation to the requirement of the building regulations in respect of a


building‘s contribution to or effect on emissions of carbon dioxide may be made


solely by regard to the number of buildings on any particular building site.”


Clause Agreed to.


Dr Alan Whitehead


Withdrawn  35


Clause  33,  page  37,  line  9,  at end insert—


““Community” shall include any elected authority responsible for the


administration of any area defined for the purpose of exercising the right


to buy a stake in a renewable energy facility”


Clause Agreed to.


Schedule 5 Agreed to.





, continued


Clauses 34 and 35 Agreed to.


Caroline Lucas


Norman Baker


Not selected  32


Page  39,  line  1,  leave out Clause 36.


Tom Greatrex


Withdrawn  6


Clause  36,  page  39,  line  10,  after “industry”, insert “and the co-ordination of the


transportation and storage of CO2”


Clause Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Tuesday13 January at 9.25 am


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