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Lords Amendments to the Consumer Rights Bill





In proceedings before the county court for the recovery of a financial


penalty or part of a financial penalty, a certificate which is—



signed by the chief finance officer of the local weights and


measures authority which imposed the penalty, and



states that the amount due has not been received by a date


specified in the certificate,



is conclusive evidence of that fact.



A certificate to that effect and purporting to be so signed is to be treated


as being so signed unless the contrary is proved.



A local weights and measures authority may use the proceeds of a


financial penalty for the purposes of any of its functions (whether or not


the function is expressed to be a function of a local weights and measures





In this paragraph “chief finance officer” has the same meaning as in


section 5 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.”

In the Title

Line 4, after “law” insert “and the Competition Appeal Tribunal”



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