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Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued



“Periodic reports by the Secretary of State



The Secretary of State must from time to time prepare and publish reports on the


manner in which a strategic highways company exercises its functions.



The Secretary of State must lay a report prepared under subsection (1) before




Member’s explanatory statement


This amendment would place a duty on the Secretary of State to prepare and publish reports on


the exercise by a strategic highways company of its functions.


Andrew Miller


Clause  39,  page  45,  line  29,  at end add—



subject to the prior collation of existing environmental data and that data


is published in a form that enables it to be subject to scientific peer




Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  165,  line  28,  leave out “or other vegetation”


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  165,  line  30,  leave out “or vegetation”


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  165,  line  41,  leave out “or vegetation”


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  165,  line  41,  leave out from “lopped” to second “to” in line 42


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  166,  line  2,  leave out “or cutting back of the vegetation”


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  166,  line  11,  leave out from “lopped” to end of line 12


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  166,  line  13,  leave out “or cuts back vegetation”


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  166,  line  16,  leave out “or vegetation”


Mr Nick Raynsford


Schedule  8,  page  166,  line  24,  leave out “or cutting back of the vegetation”


Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued


Tom Greatrex


Caroline Flint




To move the following Clause



“Hydraulic fracturing: necessary conditions


Any hydraulic fracturing activity can not take place:



unless an environmental imapct assessment has been carried out;



unless independent inspections are carried out of the integrity of wells





unless monitoring has been undertaken on the site over the previous 12


month period;



unless site-by-site measurement, monitoring and public disclosure of


existing and future fugitive emissions is carried out;



in land which is located within the boundary of a groundwater source


protection zone;



within or under protected areas;



in deep-level land at depths of less than 1,000 metres;



unless planning authorities have considered the cumulative impact of


hydraulic fracturing activities in the local area;



unless a provision is made for community benefit schemes to be provided


by companies engaged in the extraction of gas and oil rock;



unless residents in the affected area are notified on an individual basis;



unless substances used are subject to approval by the Environment





unless land is left in a condition required by the planning authority, and



unless water companies are consulted by the planning authority.”


Member’s explanatory statement


The purpose of this new clause is to ensure that shale gas exploration and extraction can only


proceed with appropriate regulation and comprehensive monitoring and to ensure that any


activity is consistent with climate change obligations and local environmental considerations.


Nick Herbert


Sir Nicholas Soames


Dr Liam Fox


Mr Andrew Mitchell


Sir Alan Duncan


Zac Goldsmith


Richard Benyon


Mr Henry Bellingham


Crispin Blunt


Chris Heaton-Harris


Rebecca Harris


Mr Dominic Raab


Mr Andrew Turner


Mr Nigel Evans




To move the following Clause



“Community right of appeal



The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is amended as follows.



In section 78 (appeals to the Secretary of State against planning decisions and


failure to take such decisions) after subsection (2) insert—



Where a planning authority grants an application for planning


permissions and—


Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued



the authority has publicised the application as not according with


the development plan in force in the area in which the land to


which the application relates is situated; or



the application is not supported by policies in an emerging


development plan;



certain persons as specified in subsection (2B) below may by notice


appeal to the Secretary of State, provided any one of the conditions in


subsection (2C) below are met.



Persons who may by notice appeal to the Secretary of State against the


approval of planning permissions in the circumstances specified in


subsection (2A) above are—



the ward councillors for the area who have lodged a formal


objection to the planning application in writing to the planning


authority, or where there is more than one councillor, all


councillors by unanimity;



any parish council or neighbourhood forum by two thirds


majority voting, as defined in Section 61F, covering or adjoining


the area of land to which the application relates is situated; or



any overview and scrutiny committee by two thirds majority





The conditions are:



the application falls within the definition of “major





the application is accompanied by an environmental impact





the planning officer has recommended refusal of planning





Section 79 is amended as follows—



in subsection (2), leave out “either” and after “planning authority”, insert


“or the applicant (where different from the appellant)”;



in subsection (6), after “determination”, insert “(except for appeals as


defined in section 78 (2A) and where the appellant is as defined in section


79 (2B)).



In this section—


“emerging” means a development plan that is being examined by the


Secretary of State, or is due to be examined, having met the public


consultation requirements necessary to proceed to this stage; and


“major development” means cases within categories defined in guidance


produced by the Secretary of State.”


Notices of Amendments:                               



, continued


John McDonnell


Schedule  3,  page  89,  line  8,  at end insert “The transfer scheme may make


consequential, supplementary, incidental or transitional provision and may, if the TUPE


regulations do not apply in relation to the transfer, make provision which is the same or







The following Notices were withdrawn on 21 January 2015:


Amendment 58.


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