Modern Slavery Bill 2014


245 Clauses 52 to 58 (Part 7) contain general provisions. Clause 52 defines certain terms used in the Bill. Clause 53 and Schedule 4 make minor and consequential amendments and allow the Secretary of State by regulations to make consequential provision (including by changing any other legislation). Clause 54 concerns the parliamentary procedure to be adopted for the regulation making powers under the Bill. Clause 56 sets out that the Bill will extend to England and Wales only, apart from clauses relating to the Independent Anti-slavery Commissioner, maritime powers, transparency in supply chains etc and Part 7, which include UK provisions (and subject to some consequential amendments having the same extent as the provisions being amended). Clause 57 deals with commencement with a particular procedure in relation to clause 47 which is set out in the notes dealing with that clause. The main provisions of the Bill (Parts 1-6) will be brought into force by means of regulations made by the Secretary of State, with the exception of clause 47(6) which will commence automatically two months after Royal Assent.

Prepared 20th April 2015