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Explanatory Notes

What these notes do 

These Explanatory Notes relate to the [Insert Bill/Act Title] [AUTOGENERATED] [Select a Stage] on [Enter Publication Date Using Dropdown Menu] ([AUTOGENERATED] [Bill or Chapter Number]).

· These Explanatory Notes have been [Enter text for Responsible Department, Member or Peer] in order to assist the reader [AUTOGENERATED]. They do not form part of the [AUTOGENERATED] and have not been endorsed by Parliament.

· These Explanatory Notes explain what each part of the [AUTOGENERATED] will mean in practice; provide background information on the development of policy; and provide additional information on how the [AUTOGENERATED] will affect existing legislation in this area.

· These Explanatory Notes might best be read alongside the [AUTOGENERATED]. They are not, and are not intended to be, a comprehensive description of the [AUTOGENERATED]. So where a provision of the [AUTOGENERATED] does not seem to require any explanation or comment, the Notes simply say in relation to it that the provision is self-explanatory.

Prepared 22nd May 2015