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Explanatory Notes

Parliamentary Counsel’s role in clearing the notes

12 Explanatory notes must be cleared by the Parliamentary Counsel drafting the bill. 

13 Before notes are sent to Parliamentary Counsel they must be:

14 cleared internally, including by the departmental instructing lawyers;

15 proof-read within the department (to pick up spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and consistency points).

16 Counsel will, in particular, consider:

· Whether the notes attempt to ‘sell’ the bill (see paragraph 11.37);

· Whether the notes reveal any misunderstanding between the drafter and the department;

· Whether they misrepresent the effect or purpose of any provisions in the bill or offer unhelpful explanations;

· Whether what the notes say about the financial implications of the bill is consistent with what Counsel has been told for the purposes of any financial resolutions.

17 The role of Counsel does not involve:  

· Checking the grammar and spelling of the notes;

· Rewriting the notes or making drafting comments;

· Offering suggested changes to the text of the notes merely because, in Counsel’s view, the material could be fuller or better expressed;

· Checking the conformity of the notes with all aspects of this Guide;

· Checking the accuracy of the notes in every other detail (e.g. cross-references to provisions of the bill, consistent use in the notes of the right abbreviations).

Prepared 22nd May 2015