Education and Adoption Bill

Explanatory Notes

Financial implications of the Bill

54 The Bill is intended to improve the overall quality of education received by children in England and improve the efficiency of adoption services.

55 Swifter intervention in all failing schools and some coasting schools will need to be paid for from the Department for Education's budget and is therefore likely to result in an increase in public spending. The cost of any additional intervention will be considered as part of the normal Budget and Spending Review process. The Department for Education also hopes that by making the process of intervention swifter through this Bill it will make some efficiency savings.

56 The Bill is intended to improve the efficiency of adoption services and to increase the scale at which services are operating. This is expected to lead to longer term savings for local authorities through efficiency gains as they realise economies of scale and through improvements in the timeliness of adoptions. The Department for Education will be providing some financial support for transition to regional adoption agencies.

Prepared 8th June 2015