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Friday 5 February 2016


Report Stage Proceedings


Riot Compensation Bill


Mike Wood


Agreed to  1


Clause  3,  page  3,  line  16,  at end insert—


“( )    

Regulations under subsection (3)(b) or (3)(d) must provide that—



the time period within which a claim may be made ends no earlier than


42 days from the date of the riot;



the time period within which details and evidence must be submitted ends


no earlier than 90 days from the date the claimant first made the claim.”



Mr David Lammy


Withdrawn  4


Clause  8,  page  5,  line  19,  leave out from “compensation” to “that”


Mr David Lammy


Not called  6


Clause  8,  page  5,  line  19,  leave out from “maximum” to “per”


Mr David Lammy


Not called  5


Clause  8,  page  5,  line  19,  leave out “1” and insert “10”


Mr David Lammy


Not called  7


Clause  8,  page  5,  line  20,  at end insert—



The compensation cap (the “cap”) under subsection (1) must be determined, and


revised  every three years, by regulations made by the Secretary of State, with the


following  elements:



the cap may apply differently, or be set at a different level, in different


areas; and


Report Stage Proceedings: 5 February 2016                



Riot Compensation Bill, continued



the Secretary of State must publish:



the methodology used; and



the first draft determination of the cap for public consultation     


within a month of the day after the day on which this Act is





The Secretary of State must lay before the House of Commons a draft of the


regulations making the final determination or revision in a statutory instrument


alongside a statement of whether and how the responses to the public consultation


were taken into account.



A statutory instrument under subsection (1B) must be laid in draft before the


House of Commons and may not be made until approved by resolution of that





Notwithstanding section 12, section 8 shall come into force on the day after the


day on which this Act is passed for the purposes of subsection (1A).



Until a determination has been approved by the House of Commons, no cap shall




Mike Wood


Agreed to  2


Clause  8,  page  5,  line  23,  at end insert “, except in the circumstances described in


subsection (2A).



Where a claimant’s home is rendered uninhabitable, the amount of compensation


may reflect costs that the claimant incurs as a result of needing alternative




Mike Wood


Agreed to  3


Clause  8,  page  5,  line  26,  at end insert—


“( )    

considerations that decision-makers must take into account in deciding the


amount of compensation payable as a result of a claimant needing alternative


accommodation (and the regulations may include provision limiting the amount


of time for which the costs of alternative accommodation may be claimed),”


Mr David Lammy


Not called  8


Clause  8,  page  5,  line  29,  at end insert—



Money received by the claimant from emergency or recovery funds, whether    


funded publicly or privately, in the aftermath of a riot must not be taken into       


account by the decision maker when deciding the amount of compensation to be      




Mr David Lammy


Not called  9


Clause  8,  page  6,  leave out lines 16 and 17


Report Stage Proceedings: 5 February 2016                



Riot Compensation Bill, continued


Mr David Lammy


Withdrawn  10


Clause  8,  page  6,  line  17,  at end insert—



“The Secretary of State shall make arrangements for the production of, and lay


before each House, a report of an assessment of the effectiveness of the


provisions of this Act, from time to time, but also—



after any riot in relation to which compensation was paid under this Act;





after each period of five years beginning on the date that section 8 came


into force.”


Bill read the third time, and passed.




Revised 05 February 2016