Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL]

Explanatory Notes

Related documents

202 The following documents which are relevant to the Bill are available at or from the Bill page on the Home Office website at:

New Psychoactive Substances Review: Report of the Expert Panel, September 2014.

Government response to new Psychoactive Substances Review Expert Panel report, October 2014.

New Psychoactive Substances in England: A review of the evidence, Home Office, October 2014.

New Psychoactive Substances Expert Review Group: review of the current legal framework available to govern the sale and supply of New Psychoactive Substances, Scottish Government, February 2015.

Inquiry into New Psychoactive Substances, Health and Social Care Committee, National Assembly for Wales, March 2015.

Impact assessment

European Convention on Human Rights Memorandum

Delegated Powers Memorandum

Prepared 22nd July 2015