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House of Commons


Tuesday 2 February 2016


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Energy Bill [Lords]


[Fourth and Fifth Sittings]


Clause 77 Agreed to.


Clause 78 Agreed to.


Dr Alan Whitehead


Clive Lewis


Withdrawn  16


Clause  79,  page  46,  line  43,  at end insert—



Within six months from the date of this Act coming into force, the Secretary of


State shall report to Parliament on the impact of this section and any other policy


changes to the renewable energy sector with regards to how they affect the United


Kingdom’s ability to comply with the 2020 EU renewable target.



The report in subsection (2) must include an estimate of the cost to the taxpayer


should the UK not comply with the 2020 EU renewable target.”


Clause Agreed to.



Andrea Leadsom


Not selected  4


Page  47,  line  3,  leave out Clause 80


Clause Negatived on division.



Clause 81 Agreed to.


Clause 82 Agreed to.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 2 February 2016        



Energy Bill-[Lords], continued


Andrea Leadsom


Agreed to on division  5


Clause  83,  page  48,  line  2,  leave out “This Part comes” and insert “Sections


[Onshore wind power: closure of renewables obligation on 31 March 2016], [Onshore


wind power: circumstances in which certificates may be issued after 31 March 2016] and


[Use of Northern Ireland certificates: onshore wind power] and this Part come”


Clause, as amended, Agreed to.



Andrea Leadsom


Agreed to  6


Clause  84,  page  48,  line  14,  leave out subsection (4)


Clause, as amended, Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Thursday at 11.30am



Revised 02 February 2016