Enterprise Bill [HL]

Explanatory Notes


312 Clause 38 makes provision about the coming into force of the provisions of the Act. The commentary on individual sections and Schedules includes an explanation of the effect of this section.

313 The Bill provides for Part 9 of the Bill (Final provisions) and certain powers enabling the making of regulations to come into force on the day of Royal Assent, as well as section 31 (UK Green Investment Bank: transitional provision).

314 The Bill provides for the following provisions to come into force two months after the day on which this Bill becomes an Act:

Section 14 (business impact target: extension to provisions made by regulators etc) (so far as not already in force under subsection(1)) and Schedule 2;

Section 17 (application of regulators' principles and code: removal of restrictions);

Section 20 (public sector apprenticeship targets);

Section 25 (disclosure of HMRC information in connection with non-domestic rating);

Section 26 (alteration of non-domestic rating lists);

Sections 27 and 28 (industrial development).

315 The provisions on late payment of insurance claims come into force on the day one year after the Act is passed.

316 Part 8 (Public sector payments: restrictions on exit payments) comes into force on such day or days as the Treasury may by regulations appoint.

317 The remaining provisions of this Bill will come into force on such day or days as the Secretary of State may by regulations appoint.

318 Regulations made under this section may appoint different days for different purposes or different areas.


Prepared 18th December 2015