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House of Commons


Thursday 3 March 2016


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill,


As Amended


[Third and Fourth Sittings]


Clause 37 Agreed to.


Schedule 27 Agreed to.


Clauses 38 and 39 Agreed to.


Andy McDonald


Negatived on division  17


Clause  40,  page  15,  line  7,  after “discontinuance which the Secretary of State,”


insert “reasonably”


Andy McDonald


Not called  18


Clause  40,  page  15,  line  8,  leave out from “expedient” to “High Speed 2” and insert


“in relation to the Northolt and Acton Line (also known as the Wycombe Single Line).”


Andy McDonald


Negatived on division  20


Clause  40,  page  15,  line  10,  at end insert—



If the Secretary of State makes a direction under subsection (1), he must make a


written statement to Parliament within 28 days, setting out his reasons for making


such a direction.”


Andy McDonald


Not called  19


Clause  40,  page  15,  line  15,  leave out “sections 29 to 31 (discontinuance of use or


operation of stations),”


Clause Agreed to.


Clause 41 Agreed to.


Schedule 28 Agreed to.


Clause 42 Agreed to.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 3 March 2016            



High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill, continued


Schedule 29 Agreed to.


Clauses 43 and 44 Agreed to.



Andy McDonald


Negatived on division  21


Clause  45,  page  17,  line  33,  at end insert—



If property or rights are transferred from HS2 Limited or a wholly-owned


subsidiary of HS2 Ltd to any body that is not a public body as defined by section


25(1) of the 1993 Railways Act, a fee must be received which reflects a fair


market evaluation of that property or right.”


Clause Agreed to.


Schedule 30 Agreed to.


Clause 46 Agreed to.


Schedule 31 Agreed to.


Clause 47 Agreed to.


Schedule 32 Agreed to.



Andy McDonald


Not moved  28


Clause  48,  page  18,  line  8,  leave out subsection (1)


Andy McDonald


Withdrawn  22


Clause  48,  page  18,  line  8,  after “if the Secretary of State,” insert “reasonably”


Andy McDonald


Not called  24


Clause  48,  page  18,  line  10,  after “any land” insert “within the Act limits or in the


vicinity of any station or depot the construction of which is authorised by the Act”


Andy McDonald


Not called  25


Clause  48,  page  18,  line  11,  at end insert—



Before acquiring land compulsorily under subsection (1) the Secretary of State,


following consultation with the relevant local authority, must be satisfied that—



the regeneration or development accords with the relevant development


plan; and



that there is no realistic prospect of the local authority exercising powers


of compulsory purchase of the land within a reasonable time.”


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 3 March 2016            



High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill, continued


Andy McDonald


Not called  23


Clause  48,  page  18,  line  11,  at end insert—



The Secretary of State must define the term “an opportunity for regeneration or


development” in regulations for the purposes of subsection (1).



A statutory instrument containing regulations under subsection (1A) may not be


made unless a draft of the instrument has been laid before, and approved by a


resolution of, each House of Parliament.”


Clause Agreed to.


Clauses 49 to 68 Agreed to.



Mrs Cheryl Gillan


Not selected  3


Clause  52,  page  23,  line  18,  at end insert—



an extension of the bored tunnel in the Chilterns northward to the


boundary of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”


[Adjourned until Tuesday 8 March at 9.25 am



Revised 03 March 2016