Investigatory Powers Bill

Explanatory Notes

Related documents

597 The following documents are relevant to the Bill and can be read at the stated locations:

European Court Judgement: Judgment of 8.4. 2014 – Joined Cases C-293/12 and C-594/12 Digital Rigths Ireland and Others:

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill Cm 9152:

Joint Committee report on the draft Investigatory Powers Bill:

A Question of Trust: Report of the Investigatory Powers Review by David Anderson QC:

Privacy and Security – a report by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament:

Intelligence and Security Committee Report on the draft Investigatory Powers Bill

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee – Investigatory Powers Bill: technology issues

A Democractic Licence to Operate: Report of the Independent Surveillance Review by the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies:


Prepared 18th May 2016