Neighbourhood Planning Bill

Explanatory Notes

Overview of the Bill

1 The Neighbourhood Planning Bill contains measures relating to planning and compulsory purchase and will contribute to the Government’s aim of making sure the housing market works for everyone. All the measures, apart from the planning register measure, were announced in the Queen’s Speech 2016. The Bill has two key aims. Firstly, to help identify and free up more land to build homes on to give communities as much certainty as possible about where and when development will take place. Secondly, to speed up the delivery of new homes, in particular by reducing the time it takes to get from planning permission being granted to building work happening on site and new homes being delivered.

2 The Bill is made up of three parts. A summary of these parts and their contents is provided below.

Part 1: Planning

Part 2: Compulsory Purchase

Part 3: Final Provisions


Prepared 6th September 2016