Commonwealth Development Corporation Bill

Explanatory Notes

Territorial extent and application

5 The Bill extends to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

6 See the table in Annex A for a summary of the position regarding territorial extent and application in the United Kingdom. The table also summarises the position regarding legislative consent motions and matters relevant to Standing Orders Nos. 83J to 83X of the Standing Orders of the House of Commons relating to Public Business.

7 International development assistance and co-operation is a reserved matter under paragraph 7(1) of Schedule 5 to the Scotland Act 1998 and an excepted matter under paragraph 3 of Schedule 2 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998. The subject matter is not listed as a devolved matter in Schedule 7 to the Government of Wales Act 2006, and is therefore not devolved.


Prepared 15th November 2016