Children and Social Work Bill (HC Bill 121)

Children and Social Work BillPage 50

15 (1) Section 29 (reference to disciplinary cases by the Authority to court) is
amended as follows.

(2) After subsection (2) insert—

(2A) This section also applies to any steps or decisions which are taken by
5Social Work England (or any of its committees or officers) in
connection with fitness to practise or discipline and which are of a
description specified in regulations made by the Secretary of State.”

(3) For subsection (5A) substitute—

(5A) In relation to something that is a relevant decision as a result of
10subsection (2A), “the relevant court” means the High Court of Justice
in England and Wales.”

16 (1) Section 38 (regulations and orders) is amended as follows.

(2) In subsection (2), after “other than” insert “regulations under 29(2A) or”.

(3) In subsection (3), after “28” insert “or 29(2A)”.