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Report Stage Proceedings: 27 March 2017                  



Bus Services Bill-[Lords], continued


Ian Mearns


Not called  13


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Clause  9,  page  59,  line  42,  at end insert—



  Effect on employees of introduction of enhanced partnership scheme or





Where, either before or after the coming into force of an awarded contract in an


area to which the relevant enhanced partnership scheme relates, any employee of


an operator in the area to which the contract relates is dismissed, that employee is


to be treated for the purposes of Part 10 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 as


unfairly dismissed if the sole or principal reason for the dismissal is the


introduction of the awarded contract.



Paragraph (1) applies whether or not the employee in question was part of an


organised grouping of employees principally connected with the provision of


local services, under section 138S(4).



Where section 138S applies, a new operator may not engage employees or


workers on terms and conditions less favourable than those of the employees


whose employment transferred from the former operator.”



Andy McDonald


Daniel Zeichner


Pat Glass


Richard Burden


Negatived on division  1


Page  78,  line  4,  leave out Clause 22


Bill read the third time and passed, with Amendments.


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Revised 27 March 2017