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Tuesday 5 September 2017


Committee of the whole House




Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief


from Non-Domestic Rates) Bill




This document shows the fate of each clause, schedule, amendment and new clause.


The following terms are used:


Agreed to: agreed without a vote.


Agreed to on division: agreed following a vote.


Negatived: rejected without a vote.


Negatived on division: rejected following a vote.


Not called: debated in a group of amendments, but not put to a decision.


Not moved: not debated or put to a decision.


Question proposed: debate underway but not concluded.


Withdrawn after debate: moved and debated but then withdrawn, so not put to a decision.


Not selected: not chosen for debate by the Chair.




Clause 1 Agreed to.


Clauses 2 to 4 Agreed to.


Schedule Agreed to.


Clauses 5 to 6 Agreed to.



Committee of the whole House Proceedings: 5 September 2017  



Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief , continued


New Clause


Andrew Gwynne


Rebecca Long Bailey


Jim McMahon


Yvonne Fovargue


Not moved  NC1


To move the following Clause—



“Report on operation of the relief



The Secretary of State shall, by 30 September 2018, lay a report before


Parliament containing an assessment of the operation of the relief in the 2017-18


financial year.



The report shall include an account of—



the impact upon the level of local authority income raised through non-


domestic rating,



the level of investment likely to have been stimulated by the proposed


relief, and the scope for extending the relief to other forms of investment,



whether the duration of the relief is appropriate,



the views of those subject to charge of non-domestic rates on the relief,





the efficacy of the existing mechanism for distribution of relief.”


Bill to be reported without amendment.




Revised 05 September 2017