Explanatory Notes

Clause 8: Complying with international obligations

119 Clause 8 gives ministers of the Crown the power to make secondary legislation to enable continued compliance with the UK’s international obligations by preventing or remedying any breaches that might otherwise arise as a result of withdrawal.

120 Subsection (2) provides that secondary legislation made under the power in this clause can do anything an Act of Parliament might for the purpose set out in subsection (1), but this is subject to restrictions set out in subsection (3).

121 Subsection (4) makes clear that the temporary power in this clause can only be used for up to two years after exit day, as it expires at that point. Paragraph 28 of Schedule 8 provides that it is the power and not the regulations that expires.

122 The scrutiny procedures for this power are set out in Part 2 of Schedule 7.


Prepared 13th July 2017