Explanatory Notes

Clause 17: Consequential and transitional provision

144 Subsection (1) allows a minister of the Crown to make regulations which are appropriate as a consequence of the Bill. Subsection (3) provides that ministers cannot make consequential provision which amends Acts passed after the end of the parliamentary session in which this Bill is passed. Subsection (4) gives effect to Parts 1 and 2 of Schedule 8, containing further consequential provisions.

145 Subsection (5) allows a minister of the Crown to make transitional, transitory or saving provision by regulations. For example, this power could be used to save section 2(3) of the ECA (which authorises payments to the European Union) in respect of liabilities incurred whilst the UK was a member state. This could include outstanding transfers of customs duties and sugar levy payments collected by the UK on behalf of the EU. Subsection (6) gives effect to Parts 3 and 4 of Schedule 8, which contains transitional, transitory and saving provisions. Subsection (7) gives effect to Schedule 9, which sets out repeals of certain enactments under the Bill.


Prepared 13th July 2017