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Monday 14 May 2018


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment)




[First and Second Sittings]




This document shows the fate of each clause, schedule, amendment and new clause.


The following terms are used:


Agreed to: agreed without a vote.


Agreed to on division: agreed following a vote.


Negatived: rejected without a vote.


Negatived on division: rejected following a vote.


Not called: debated in a group of amendments, but not put to a decision.


Not moved: not debated or put to a decision.


Question proposed: debate underway but not concluded.


Withdrawn after debate: moved and debated but then withdrawn, so not put to a decision.


Not selected: not chosen for debate by the Chair.



First Sitting


Afzal Khan


That, if proceedings on the Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment) Bill are not


completed at this day’s sitting, the Committee shall meet on Monday 14 May at 4.00 pm


and on Wednesday 16 May at 9.30 am.


Agreed to



Second Sitting


No proceedings taken at this sitting.



Revised 14 May 2018